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The Mystery of Mysteries...

By Rebecca Benston

As a mystery writer, I'm always trying to come up with new ways to surprise my readers.  After ten books with the same character, it's possible that I may be running out of ideas.  Most of my favorite mystery authors have written the same characters for twenty or more books and they are still kicking.  Sadly, my favorite author, Sue Grafton, passed away this year before being able to pen the 26th installment of her alphabet mystery series.  I'd been following this series for the better part of twenty years and so, I'm a little sad that we'll never have closure for her characters.  In answer to this sadness, my mind started going about a million miles an hour with some new ideas for my own character, Rona Shively. 

I've done almost everything imaginable to this character.  I've put her through a number of trials including losing her parents and even losing a child.  She's experienced more grief than any person should experience.  Sadl…

Please Welcome the Newest Member of the BHG Family

We are proud to announce our newest offering, Knowing Affliction and Doing Recovery by John Baldasare.  This book provides insights into the recovery process by using the "Big Five Values" of Sobriety, Love, Unity, Growth, and Spirituality (SLUGS).  Many lives have been lost and many more can be saved with the right focused effort and consistent message. SLUGS...not drugs SLUGS...The Miracle of Recovery!

Order your copy today from the BHG Bookstore!

New from BHG-I Was Here: The Rona Shively Stories

BHG is happy to announce the release of the tenth book in The Rona Shively Stories mystery series!  All good things must end…and thankfully, those things which aren’t so good must end, too. Rona Shively is tired. She’s reaching out to help a friend, but in truth, the well has run dry. There’s nothing left. And she’s thinking it might be a good time to jump ship. Bad thing is, she’s not on a ship…and she’s sinking fast. Will somebody please throw her a lifeline?

Get your copy of I Was Here: The Rona Shively Stories today at one of the following links:


BHG Bookstore

CreateSpace eStore

BHG Proudly Presents 365 Days of Family Fun by Charlotte Hopkins!

Enjoy the latest offering from Books from Higher Ground!  Looking for fun activities for the family? Look no further. 365 Days of Family Fun by our newest author, Charlotte Hopkins is packed with activities for you and your family; one for each day of the year.

Get your copy today at any of the following links: Amazon BHG Bookstore CreateSpace eStore

Need Writing Services?

If you are in need of assistance in putting together resumes, employee handbooks, policies, procedures, family projects, etc., contact our partners at BHG Consultants.

BHG Consultants is a unique provider of business support services located in Clark County, Ohio. What makes us unique is that we offer individual mentoring and career coaching to those seeking employment or career change as well as placement with organizations who have a need for business professionals. BHG works with both sides to ensure that the employee is well-trained and that the needs of the business are met through either short-term, long-term or permanent assignments. We are not a temporary employment agency, we are a connector!

In addition, we offer services for job seekers in Clark County and beyond including resume makeovers, mentoring sessions, interview prep and job search services.  Visit our site for more information on the services we provide.

New in BHG Children's Books! The Magic Egg by Linda Phillipson

BHG is proud to announce the addition of our newest children's book, The Magic Egg by Linda Phillipson!  This is the story of a young girl who learns the true meaning of friendship.  Meet Emma Lee, the girl with the ugly shoes who finds out she lives next door to a truly magical person and a pretty magical chicken.  Follow her story as she figures out the true meaning of love and friendship. 

You can get your copy now through one of the following links:

BHG Bookstore

BHG's Newest Offering! The Tin Can Gang by Chuck David

The latest from Books from Higher Ground is Chuck David's The Tin Can Gang!  A full-color children's book that tells the story of a young boy who finds that in spite of bad times, Jesus is always there for him.  You can get your copy today at the BHG Bookstore!

New Devotional from Mark Etter!

Now available from BHG, 32 Days with Christ's Passion by Mark Etter.  Another great 32-day devotional which focuses on the steps of Jesus from before Holy Week to the cross and to the empty tomb.  Great for individual Bible study and small groups, you can get your copy today at one of the following links:

CreateSpace Store

BHG Store


BHG is proud to announce our latest addition!  Age of Adolescence by MaryAnn Hayatian is now available at the BHG Bookstore of through  Age of Adolescence is a collection of treasured poems written about experiences as seen from youth to adulthood. This book will be speak to those who have gone through similar situations like being in love, experiencing heartbreak, sadness, friendships, and so on. Each poem tells a realistic truth about the way of life. I hope these poems will help youth and others deal with the things they may be going through.

Get your copy today!
BHG Bookstore

Now Available: Send Me An Angel: The Rona Shively Stories!

You'll never guess what's happening with Rona!  This time, she's the client...and her case ends with a twist that you'd never expect.  This book is the ninth in the Rona Shively Stories series.  Send Me An Angel: The Rona Shively Stories by Rebecca Benston is available now.  Get your copy today!

New Features Coming to BHG Blog!!!

We are excited to announce that the BHG Blog will now feature great new content, author bios, and more opportunities for readers to win!  Subscribe to BHG's Blog today so that you don't miss out on free stuff!  You never know what we'll be giving away. 

You'll want to be among the first to know of all of our new offerings.  And don't forget to stock up on titles by your favorite BHG authors by visiting our bookstore here!

Now Available from BHG! 32 Days with Abraham by Mark Etter

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to our BHG family, 32 Days with Abraham:  Stories to Change Your Life by Mark Etter.  This collection of devotionals takes you through the life of Abraham and gives great insights into how Abraham's challenges are similar to our own.  I hope you will take the time to read and share this book with your small group or anyone who has an interest in deepening their relationship with Christ.  The book contains not only the Bible study, but the student guide and the leader's guide so that anyone who has the book can lead this study.  Great study material and thought-provoking questions! 

You can get your copy here:

Or on Kindle:

BHG Authors Are The Best!!!

One of our amazing authors, Janet Kay Teresa at a recent book event!  She's doing a great job of promoting her book, From a Hole in My Life to a Life Made Whole!  Do you have a story to tell?  Books from Higher Ground is looking for more wonderful authors to join our team.  If you are interested in submitting your book for consideration, e-mail us here.

For more information about the types of books we publish, check out our submission guidelines below!

1. We are currently only accepting electronic submissions. Please send to:

2. Use a single, clear font, 12 point size. The best to use is Courier or Courier New.

3. Use clear black text on a white background.

4. Include your name and contact information at the top left of the first page. Put an accurate word count at the top right.

5. If you write under a pseudonym, put that beneath the title b…

New Devotionals Available!

Seven Days to Higher Ground is a new devotional series offered by Rebecca Benston.  There are currently four books in this series and more on the way!  Each is available for $7.50 at our bookstore here or through  Check them out today!