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Author Fair Registration!

Authors: If you wish to participate in our 2nd Annual Author Fair, please follow the link below. Early Bird rate runs through 9/30. We'll contact you with more details about the event within the next few weeks! Thanks!
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Guest Blogger-Daniel K. Held discusses "Getting Unstuck"

Have you ever felt stuck in a situation you felt helpless to get out of?Maybe a bad job?A bad marriage or other close relationship?A house or apartment, or a neighborhood?A town or city?A financial debt?A chronic illness?Or anything else from which you wanted to “just get away” but…………you couldn’t?You were stuck.

If so, welcome to the human race.We’ve all been there.Stuck.Somewhere.Wanting to get away, but maybe no place to go or any way to get there.No way out.  Feeling helpless.
There’s a Greek word in the Gospels of the biblical New Testament, apollumi, that is used to quote Jesus in at least two different places, John 3:16 and Luke 15:24.In John, that word is translated as “perish” and in Luke, it is translated as “lost,” for it refers to the prodigal son in that famous parable Jesus told.In the most general of terms, apollumi means loss of all hope.In my world as a clinician, think “depressed.”Loss of hope.Helpless.Stuck.
Which is why I happen to believe God so loved the world of “s…

Programs/Upcoming Events

Author Events

HGBM Author, John Baldasare will be at the Epic Book Shop in Yellow Springs, Ohio on Friday, September 7th from 6:30 to 8 p.m. to talk about the Dayton Recovery Model and his book, Knowing Affliction and Doing Recovery.  The book was  written with the following goals in mind: to provide the afflicted person with a clear path to recovery, to educate the public, and to challenge treatment centers to improve their focus and quality of care. This approach could be a game changer in the ongoing effort to confront these modern day, problematic human conditions. John is a native of Dayton with a Masters in Counseling from Wright State University.

HGBM Author, Daniel K. Held will be signing his book, Love's Resurrection:  It's Power to Roll Away Fear's Heaviest Stone, on Friday, October 5th, from 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. in the Cornerstone on the campus of Sterling College.   The author, Rev. Daniel K. Held, is a 1968 graduate of Sterling College with advanced degrees from the Ohio State University and United Theological Seminary.  His book, “Love’s Resurrection: its power to roll away fear’s heaviest stone,” is a timely memoir dealing with his own 50 years of facing fears from the turbulent year of 1968 in America to today’s national anxieties of 2018.   As both a Licensed Independent Social Worker in Ohio and an Ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church, Held describes three Great Awakenings in his own life where fear was transcended by love’s greater narrative of truth.  He challenges the nation, the church, and each individual to live into God’s preferred love story especially during our time of present fears.  Rev. Held lives with his wife, Susan Jones Held (SC ’68), outside Dayton, Ohio.  

HGBM will present a workshop called Self-Publishing Basics on Tuesday, November 13th at 6:30 p.m. at the Clark County Public Library.  More details to follow.
The Second Annual Higher Ground Books & Media Author Fair will be held on Saturday, December 15th from 1 to 5 p.m. Booths will be $35 each.  More details to follow.

The 2nd Annual Higher Ground Books & Media Author Fair will be held at the Courtyard by Marriott in Springfield, OH on Saturday, December 15th from 1 to 5 p.m.  Authors may register to participate on the home page of this blog until all spaces are filled.  This event is free to the public!  More info to follow.

Writing Classes

In conjunction with Arti St. Gallery & Studio, HGBM offers a number of writing classes. We offer Creative Writing, Poetry, and even Publishing classes.  Call or e-mail us for more details and to register.  We can tailor our classes to fit your needs.  Visit the Arti St. link for details on these and other courses.

Creative Writing
We'll discuss how to write short stories.  Understanding Point of View, Dialogue, character development, and even some ways to market your work.  This workshop is generally 1-2 hours long.  

Writing Poetry
Topics include poetry styles, how to put together a collection of poems by theme, and some marketing tips.  This workshop is generally 1-2 hours long.

Writing and Publishing
This course is designed to help aspiring writers prepare their work for publishing.  We'll talk about the various ways to publish your work as well as how to develop a platform for marketing.  This workshop is usually 2-3 hours long.

Youth Writing Program & Workshops

Higher Ground Books & Media wants to encourage youth to write and create!  With that in mind, HGBM also publishes books written for kids by kids. We will consider manuscripts and artwork submitted by kids ages 8-18.  Parent signature is required on any contracts offered to minors.  Capture a moment in time by allowing your child to create a published work using their God-given imagination and talents!

If you have a child who is always writing stories or drawing pictures, we can help you hold on to the memories and provide you with a keepsake that will not only serve as a way for your child to see progress from project to project; it will also provide them with an opportunity to learn how to write, publish, and market their own work. 

Contact us for more details on our Youth Writing Workshops which include help with age-appropriate plot and character development, editing, how to promote your writing and developing a marketing platform for your work.

Workshops are available for all age groups from grades 2-12 and authors will be able to work toward having a finished product which will be available through Higher Ground Books & Media upon satisfactory completion of the work. 

Mentoring and guidance for young authors is a huge part of this program. Get in touch with us today and set up a Youth Writing Workshop for your school or church! An affordable and fun way to engage your young author and encourage them to tell their story!