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The Mystery of Mysteries...

By Rebecca Benston

As a mystery writer, I'm always trying to come up with new ways to surprise my readers.  After ten books with the same character, it's possible that I may be running out of ideas.  Most of my favorite mystery authors have written the same characters for twenty or more books and they are still kicking.  Sadly, my favorite author, Sue Grafton, passed away this year before being able to pen the 26th installment of her alphabet mystery series.  I'd been following this series for the better part of twenty years and so, I'm a little sad that we'll never have closure for her characters.  In answer to this sadness, my mind started going about a million miles an hour with some new ideas for my own character, Rona Shively. 

I've done almost everything imaginable to this character.  I've put her through a number of trials including losing her parents and even losing a child.  She's experienced more grief than any person should experience.  Sadl…
BHG is proud to announce our latest addition!  Age of Adolescence by MaryAnn Hayatian is now available at the BHG Bookstore of through  Age of Adolescence is a collection of treasured poems written about experiences as seen from youth to adulthood. This book will be speak to those who have gone through similar situations like being in love, experiencing heartbreak, sadness, friendships, and so on. Each poem tells a realistic truth about the way of life. I hope these poems will help youth and others deal with the things they may be going through.

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