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Author Fair Registration!

Authors: If you wish to participate in our 2nd Annual Author Fair, please follow the link below. Early Bird rate runs through 9/30. We'll contact you with more details about the event within the next few weeks! Thanks!
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Guest Blogger-Daniel K. Held discusses "Getting Unstuck"

Have you ever felt stuck in a situation you felt helpless to get out of?Maybe a bad job?A bad marriage or other close relationship?A house or apartment, or a neighborhood?A town or city?A financial debt?A chronic illness?Or anything else from which you wanted to “just get away” but…………you couldn’t?You were stuck.

If so, welcome to the human race.We’ve all been there.Stuck.Somewhere.Wanting to get away, but maybe no place to go or any way to get there.No way out.  Feeling helpless.
There’s a Greek word in the Gospels of the biblical New Testament, apollumi, that is used to quote Jesus in at least two different places, John 3:16 and Luke 15:24.In John, that word is translated as “perish” and in Luke, it is translated as “lost,” for it refers to the prodigal son in that famous parable Jesus told.In the most general of terms, apollumi means loss of all hope.In my world as a clinician, think “depressed.”Loss of hope.Helpless.Stuck.
Which is why I happen to believe God so loved the world of “s…

From Judgment to Jubilee is now available!

Higher Ground Books & Media is happy to announce the release of From Judgment to Jubilee by Rebecca Benston.  Getting through life's trials can be extremely difficult. There is pain on every side and more often than not, we stumble through the phases of grief until we end up on the brighter side of things.

By sharing the story of my divorce and the seven years that followed, I hope to encourage you to hang on and see each challenge as just another milestone that needs to be passed in order to find your healing. I hope it will help you find peace where chaos sometimes seems ever-present.

This book can be used as a resource for small groups, one-on-one mentoring or simple self-study.

You can get your copy or copies of From Judgment to Jubilee today at either of the following links:

HGBM Bookstore


Barnes & Noble