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A Year Filled with Blessings!

Who would have thought that 2018 would bring about such wonderful growth for Higher Ground Books & Media!  At the beginning of the year, I had a couple of goals for our little publishing company.  One, I wanted to sign two new authors.  Two, I wanted to publish at least five new titles.  These were fairly conservative goals and I wasn't sure we would be able to accomplish either of them.  Things were slow at the beginning of the year.  Lots of starts and stops.  A few sour grapes along the way.  Some unfortunate incidents with less than reputable individuals who were not dealing above board.  And a few months of weary soul-searching about whether or not it even made sense to keep going.  And then, suddenly...a breakthrough.

I prayed and prayed for God to help me figure out the direction I needed to take.  And He delivered the most awesome message to me.  He said, "Trust Me."  And in the midst of conflict and disappointment, I handed it all over to Him once again and…

Guest Blogger-Daniel K. Held discusses "Getting Unstuck"

Have you ever felt stuck in a situation you felt helpless to get out of?Maybe a bad job?A bad marriage or other close relationship?A house or apartment, or a neighborhood?A town or city?A financial debt?A chronic illness?Or anything else from which you wanted to “just get away” but…………you couldn’t?You were stuck.

If so, welcome to the human race.We’ve all been there.Stuck.Somewhere.Wanting to get away, but maybe no place to go or any way to get there.No way out.  Feeling helpless.
There’s a Greek word in the Gospels of the biblical New Testament, apollumi, that is used to quote Jesus in at least two different places, John 3:16 and Luke 15:24.In John, that word is translated as “perish” and in Luke, it is translated as “lost,” for it refers to the prodigal son in that famous parable Jesus told.In the most general of terms, apollumi means loss of all hope.In my world as a clinician, think “depressed.”Loss of hope.Helpless.Stuck.
Which is why I happen to believe God so loved the world of “s…

Nancy Flinchbaugh's Letters from the Earth is now available from HGBM!

Author Nancy Flinchbaugh has written a great book about understanding our connection the planet called Letters from the Earth.  The book offers scripture for our time, wrapped in a memoir, encouraging us to think hopefully about life while addressing climate change. The author received these letters during a year in her life as she traveled, walked through grief, journeyed with a friend battling ovarian cancer and found signs of climate change.  You can get your copy of Letters from the Earth here or through

Now Available! Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta's I Don't Want to Be Like You

Just released by Higher Ground Books & Media, an empowering story about dealing with bullying as a young girl growing up in the seventies. 

I Don't Want to Be Like You by Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta is the true story of one girl's struggles with physical and verbal abuse.  Empowered by music, she fought back and made all of her dreams come true.  A boldly written story by a strong, positive woman!  Get your copy today!

Available at:

Higher Ground Books & Media Store


New from Higher Ground Books & Media Author John Salmon!

The latest offering from Higher Ground Books & Media is A Practical Guide to Better Behaved Children by John Salmon, PhD.  In this book, the author poses the question, "If spanking does not produce better behavior, what can a parent do to promote more positive behavior as their children mature?" Beginning with the first step in discipline and moving toward the village needed for successful discipline, this workbook will help you discover ways to address negative behaviors and nurture positive behaviors to replace them. You will learn the reasons children misbehave, how development impacts discipline, the need for structure, and some powerful discipline tools you can use to nurture appropriate behaviors.
To get your copy, visit our store today.