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A Year Filled with Blessings!

Who would have thought that 2018 would bring about such wonderful growth for Higher Ground Books & Media!  At the beginning of the year, I had a couple of goals for our little publishing company.  One, I wanted to sign two new authors.  Two, I wanted to publish at least five new titles.  These were fairly conservative goals and I wasn't sure we would be able to accomplish either of them.  Things were slow at the beginning of the year.  Lots of starts and stops.  A few sour grapes along the way.  Some unfortunate incidents with less than reputable individuals who were not dealing above board.  And a few months of weary soul-searching about whether or not it even made sense to keep going.  And then, suddenly...a breakthrough.

I prayed and prayed for God to help me figure out the direction I needed to take.  And He delivered the most awesome message to me.  He said, "Trust Me."  And in the midst of conflict and disappointment, I handed it all over to Him once again and…

Now Available: Send Me An Angel: The Rona Shively Stories!

You'll never guess what's happening with Rona!  This time, she's the client...and her case ends with a twist that you'd never expect.  This book is the ninth in the Rona Shively Stories series.  Send Me An Angel: The Rona Shively Stories by Rebecca Benston is available now.  Get your copy today!