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Author Fair Recap!

The First Annual Books from Higher Ground Author Fair was a great success!  We had 21 authors on hand and we were blessed to have three great presenters offering mini-workshops on Grammarly, Writing as Therapy and one author's account of her life in World War II East Prussia.  We are currently planning another event and will let everyone know as soon as we have a venue secured and registration details are available.

Here are some pictures from the event:

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New from Charlotte Hopkins!

Books from Higher Ground is happy to announce the release of Everything You Wanted to Know About the Heroes in Blue by Charlotte Hopkins. 

The wall between society and those with the potential to cause harm is made up of the men and women in blue. Lining the pages of this book is a tribute to their endless hours, hidden pain, and tears shed in silence. They protect a community that curses them one day and then thanks them the next. This selfless act is done daily by heroes who never ask for or expect a "thank you." They just want to protect and serve the innocent. They long to do their part in keeping society safe for the rest of us. The media often showcases them in a negative and violent manner.

I would like to know....Where is the media when these officers are looking in the tear-filled eyes of abused children or consoling a struggling couple about to break down emotionally? Where is the media when the officers have fallen and their lives succumb to injuries from people w…

Our Newest Arrival! The Twizzles by Janet Brown

We are pleased to announce the newest addition to our BHG collection; The Twizzles by Janet Brown is now available at the following links:

BHG Bookstore

The first in a series of children’s adventure fantasy, characters Milly, Dilly and their brother, Scruffy, unaware that they are the chosen ones, are sent to Twizzle Cottage, by their parents and relatives to try and find the missing treasure, linked to the legend of their great ancestor, Gizzy McTwizzle.

Get your copy today!