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From Judgment to Jubilee is now available!

Higher Ground Books & Media is happy to announce the release of From Judgment to Jubilee by Rebecca Benston.  Getting through life's trials can be extremely difficult. There is pain on every side and more often than not, we stumble through the phases of grief until we end up on the brighter side of things.

By sharing the story of my divorce and the seven years that followed, I hope to encourage you to hang on and see each challenge as just another milestone that needs to be passed in order to find your healing. I hope it will help you find peace where chaos sometimes seems ever-present.

This book can be used as a resource for small groups, one-on-one mentoring or simple self-study.

You can get your copy or copies of From Judgment to Jubilee today at either of the following links:

HGBM Bookstore


Barnes & Noble

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Ending an Amazing Year!

Where to start!  Higher Ground Books & Media has had its best year ever!  We added several new authors and eleven new titles this year!  We also had our very first author event in November and made some great new friends there.  Higher Ground Books & Media started the year as Books from Higher Ground.  By the end of the year, we re-branded and expanded our line to include original art and products developed by our authors to work in tandem with their titles.  You'll see more of these in 2018 as well as some of the other great things that we have planned. 

I hope you will check out our new website and store.  There are many great titles to choose from and more on the way!

Authors, if you are looking for a publisher for your motivational, inspirational, and educational materials, please get in touch.  Higher Ground Books & Media is NOT a vanity press.  We are accepting submissions from now through August 1, 2018.  Our submission guidelines are here on our blog, so che…

New from Higher Ground Books & Media!

The Twizzles: Book III is now available from Higher Ground Books & Media!  You can get your copy today!

The hunt for the hidden treasure continues! Join twins Milly, Dilly and their brother, Scruffy Twizzle, as they continue their adventure of a lifetime to find the missing treasure of their wealthy ancestor Gizzy McTwizzle. Will they find the hidden island? And will they be able to help break the magic spell? In the final instalment of this three-part magical children’s fantasy adventure, Milly, Dilly and Scruffy discover that the diary holds many hidden secrets and clues. But will it lead them to their final destination? Will the children be brave enough to follow the adventure to find the treasure and help the ghost of Gizzy? Join Milly, Dilly and Scruffy – the chosen ones – on their final journey of courage, friendship and adventure, and discover just where it takes them!

Higher Ground Books & Media