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Welcome to Books from Higher Ground! We are just getting started and want to invite authors to submit their work. Our intention is to empower others through the books we publish. We are Christian-based, but we will accept all genres except horror and erotica. We will not accept work that belittles or discourages others from learning to lead a Christ-centered life. That said, we also will not accept works which glorify behaviors that defy God. Submitted works may contain stories that are true-to-life, but the content must show personal growth in Christ or honest testimony as to how God has worked the author through difficult situations. We believe in Jesus Christ and we consider the Holy Bible to be the absolute authority in all things. You don't have to be a Christian to write for us, but you do need to understand and acknowledge the power of Christ.
Books from Higher Ground donates the proceeds from each sale to Higher Ground Ministries, a women's empowerment ministry in Clark County, Ohio. More information about this ministry can be found here.