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The Mystery of Mysteries...

By Rebecca Benston

As a mystery writer, I'm always trying to come up with new ways to surprise my readers.  After ten books with the same character, it's possible that I may be running out of ideas.  Most of my favorite mystery authors have written the same characters for twenty or more books and they are still kicking.  Sadly, my favorite author, Sue Grafton, passed away this year before being able to pen the 26th installment of her alphabet mystery series.  I'd been following this series for the better part of twenty years and so, I'm a little sad that we'll never have closure for her characters.  In answer to this sadness, my mind started going about a million miles an hour with some new ideas for my own character, Rona Shively. 

I've done almost everything imaginable to this character.  I've put her through a number of trials including losing her parents and even losing a child.  She's experienced more grief than any person should experience.  Sadl…

New Release! Children's Books from Higher Ground...

Books from Higher Ground is proud to announce the first book in our new Children's line!  Whobert the Owl by Mya Benston is now available at the following links:

Books from Higher Ground Store




Whobert is an owl. He hates pesky flies, but what he hates more is being driven out of his home by an unruly band of evil owls. Join Whobert and his little sister, Snowy as they fight to find their way home in this adorable tale.
About the Author Mya C. Benston is a fifth grader from Springfield, OH. Whobert the Owl is her very first book and she hopes that you will enjoy this adventure as much as she has.

Doodlebug Press is a division of Books from Higher Ground that publishes books written for kids by kids.  Capture a moment in time through allowing your child to create a published work using their God-given imagination and talents!  If you have a child who is always writing stories or drawing pictures, we can help you hold on to the memories and provide you …

New Release! A Path to Shalom by Steen Burke

Today, Books from Higher Ground is proud to announce the official release of A Path to Shalom: Reaching Physical, Mental and Spiritual Wholeness with Bible Focused Meditation by Steen Burke.  Read more about this wonderful author below:

Steen is an author, blogger, and online radio personality who uses her voice to fight for the rights of women, inspire ethnic equality and encourage global unity. In 2010, she began a journey with her listening audience to find mental, physical and spiritual wholeness. A Path to Shalom: Reaching Physical, Mental and Spiritual Wholeness through Bible Focused Meditation is a product of that journey.
Steen is the author of Now What? Inspired by the Word of God and is the owner of AreaCode165 Productions, LLC-a small independent media production company dedicated to producing media depicting women and girls in a positive light. She is also a Womanist who founded The Butterfly Bridge, a social media community created to inspire, celebrate and connect women a…

BHG Author, Steen Burke-Interview Tonight!

BHG's newest author will be on the radio tonight!  Listen in and support Steen Burke!

Hey guys, tonight at 8pm/EST I will be on the ChickShyt show with Srea Jones! We'll be talking about my new book and whatever else comes up. lol. You can follow the link to tune in

Books from Higher Ground-New Release!!!!

Books from Higher Ground is proud to announce the December 20 release of The Path to Shalom: Reaching Physical, Mental and Spiritual Wholeness with Bible Focused Meditation by Steen Burke!

The practice of meditation was a lost biblical discipline that has thankfully been revived in the Church in recent years. It seems everyone in the Church these days agrees that in order to have a fruitful spiritual life, Christians should meditate on the word of God. What the Church can't seem to agree on is: How should Christians meditate? Should spiritual health be the only focus for Christians? And, can Christians meditate on the Word and achieve the same physical, mental and spiritual benefits that meditation produces? 

A Path to Shalom: Reaching Physical, Mental and Spiritual Wholeness with Bible Focused Meditation, was written not only to answer these questions, but to give believers options. In this simple guide you will learn how by performing various meditation techniques …

Visit Books from Higher Ground's new online store!

Take a few minutes today and check out of new storefront!

New Submission Period Starting Soon!

Hello again! We are happy to announce that we will have several books available by the end of this year and in the meantime, we are preparing to open up submissions again. If you have a project that you would like to have considered for publication as part of our 2015 lineup, submit your work to us between October 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015. Our submission guidelines are posted near the bottom of this page. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks, Books from Higher Ground!

Happy New Year!

We are happy to announce our first release of 2014! No Rest for the Wicked: The Rona Shively Stories! You can order your copy here. Blessings on you and yours as you enter 2014!